Digital Twin' in Optimizing Lifecycle Performance of Oil & Gas Assets and Equipment

Top 10 Digital Oil Field Solution Companies - 2019

Digitalization’s effect has a profound impact on the energy industry, including oil and gas (digital oilfield) and utilities (smart grids). More data is accessible from field and process instrumentation and control systems for the complete investigation to enhance decision making at all levels, from the field to the board room. Lower commodity prices have figured the need to boost operational performance to the existing drivers of a healthy and environmentally friendly operating footprint, for effective recovery of reserves and an attractive return on shareholders’ investment.

The Industrial Things Internet (IIoT) is the next level of the Intelligent Oilfield, which is called ad Digital Oilfield 2.0. The original Digital Oilfield, also known by other names like Smart Fields, Field of the Future, and Integrated Operations. It was started around the year 2000, was IT-led and technology-focused, resulting in the proliferation of automation, the use of digital devices, the introduction of remote operation centers, the standardization of selected workflows, and the practice of ‘managing by exception’ to run fields.

Recent technological upgrades have left the industry more resilient than before. Oleum Technology is one such solution provider featured in this edition. They offer a cost-effective and greener method to optimize the yield of oil through its proprietary SIP technology. This edition also features some of the other leading solution providers in the digital oil field that offer a wide range of products and software services for drilling automation, application development, infrastructure optimization, and data analytics for production.

We present to you the “ Top 10 Digital Oil Field Solution Providers - 2019.”

    Top Digital Oil Field Solution Companies

  • Akselos is the creator of the world's most advanced and fastest digital twin technology. Founded in 2012 and with operations in Europe, the USA, and South East Asia, the company's products are designed specifically to help protect the world's critical infrastructure with next-generation simulation technology. They apply the best in digital technology to bring value and efficiency to customers in all asset-centric industries. Akselos is a private firm which deals with several categories, including Computer-Aided Engineering CAE, Infrastructure Assessment Services, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Predictive Maintenance, Predictive Digital Twins, Physics-based analytics, and Asset Integrity Management

  • New York-based Oleum Technology addresses the need for cost-effective and eco-friendly oil production process with a proprietary system of integrated production (SIP). The company’s SIP technology is significantly cheaper than EOR schemes and can be deployed without stopping or slowing down oil production.The SIP technology consists of a control valve and a programmable logic controller (PLC) that gathers data from the sensors and transmits it to a control center. The sensors detect the fluctuations in gas pressure in the annular space in real-time, and when the well’s optimal pressure is reached, SIP’s control valve automatically opens and releases any excess gas through anoil well’s elimination system

  • Established in 2001, Pixel Velocity is an Industrial Internet of Thing company dedicated to providing products that help protect and enhance the value of our customer's critical assets. The team of Pixel is made up of industrial controls and critical infrastructure technology innovators that decided software could create immediate definitive value and that it could be simple to buy and use. It is a digital operations software platform that integrates, displays. It alerts data from video, infrared, audio, industrial controls, and other IIoT sensors to automate the monitoring and management of remote and hazardous assets. The company offers Data Analytics, Automation Software, Internet of Things, Digital Oilfield, and Digital Operations Software

  • Scientific Drilling International is an independent service provider offering a complete high accuracy wellbore placement and drilling solution. Ranging from polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) drill bits to steerable mud motors, extensive subsurface mapping solution, and measurement-while-drilling (MWD) systems, SDI is a one-stop solutions provider for reliable wellbore operations worldwide. Moreover, with an in-house team of highly qualified designers, engineers, and manufacturers, SDI has developed holistic wellbore surveying solution that caters to safety-critical activities of both onshore and offshore wellbore designs. The company’s real-time surveys help streamline the positioning of wellbores, which also prioritize risk mitigation throughout the drilling process

  • Aker Solutions

    Aker Solutions

    A privately held company, Aker Solutions is headquartered in Fornebu, Akershus, and it helps the world meet its energy needs. Aker engineer the products, systems, and services required to unlock energy. Their goal is to maximize the recovery and efficiency of oil and gas assets while using their expertise to develop sustainable solutions for the future. The company is specialized in Global engineering services, Technology products, and integrated solutions, Subsea, Maintenance and modifications, Umbilicals, Offshore Wind, and Energy Solutions. Founded in 1841, Aker Solutions employs approximately fourteen thousand people in more than twenty countries

  • B3


    Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, B3 delivers technology and insight that enable customers to make responsible and profitable decisions about water resources. B3 provides in-depth water data for producing basins in Texas and New Mexico in a user-friendly, transparent manner that delivers actionable intelligence to water midstream, exploration, and production (E&P), oilfield services, and finance companies. The company also provides data and analytics to help customers evaluate assets, enhance operational efficiencies, mitigate risk, allocate capital, and benchmark performance. The company offers Customer Data Integration, Industry Data Integration, SaaS, Oilfield Water Intelligence, Water Management, Data and analytics, and Water reports and studies

  • FutureOn


    Based in Oslo, FutureOn is a PaaS digital technology firm supporting energy companies. FutureOn is a digital technology innovator that enables customers to see more possibilities for their assets and begin to make more forward-thinking choices. FutureOn provides Oil & Gas, Subsea, PaaS, Energy Technology, Cloud, Data Visualization, Collaboration & Connectivity, Software, 3D Data, Integrative Solutions, Risk Management, Future of Tech, Green Field Development, Data Management, Offshore Oil & Gas, collaboration, data integration, digital technology, and oil and gas future of tech. FutureOn has built a reputation for developing innovative, collaborative, and cost-saving technology solutions

  • P2 Energy Solutions

    P2 Energy Solutions

    More than 1,700 companies use P2 products and services daily to improve decision-making, gain clarity into complex workflow scenarios, and optimize upstream efficiency. P2 is one of the world's most significant software and Technology Company dedicated to the upstream oil and gas industry, with solutions spanning the entire value chain from exploration to decommissioning. With more than 90 years of experience in data and 30 years in software, P2 has offices around the world and employs over 600 people. P2 Energy deals with Software, Accounting, Map Data, GIS Software, Outsourcing, Land Management, Oil and Gas, Lease Data, Well Location Data, Operational Accounting, Hydrocarbon Accounting, Production Operations, Reserves Management, Revenue Accounting, and JIB Accounting

  • Scout Downhole Inc

    Scout Downhole Inc

    Scout Downhole is a private company founded in 2009 to provide innovative Downhole technologies, high-quality manufacturing, and unparalleled customer service. The enterprise’s philosophy is to design leading-edge technology that continues to evolve to serve an ever-changing industry. Some of Scout’s expertise includes industry-leading, patented technology, Downhole drilling solutions, from well plan to TD, comprehensive on-site support for all products, high-quality manufacturing, highly specialized engineering team, fleet management, servicing and rentals, unparalleled customer service, encompassing troubleshooting, comprehensive run analysis, and drilling systems optimization

  • WellAware


    WellAware is a data company built for the oil and gas industry and for the future of energy. The enterprise helps exploration and production, midstream and chemical service companies reduce operating expenses, minimize downtime, and ensure safety and regulatory compliance with reliable data collection, exception-based monitoring, and actionable analytics. WellAware’s goal is to serve its growing customer base by providing them with a superior solution to capture, monitor, and analyze data for greater oilfield intelligence and business success. Some of the business’s solutions involve automation, instrumentation and electrical, network, communications, Internet of Things, analytics, data storage, mobility, iOS, android, production management, SCADA, user-centered design, and remote monitoring

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